The Co-Hosts!

Gareth Davies

The label “hero” is thrown around all too often in these days of hyperbole and sensationalism, cheaply bestowed upon those whose accomplishments warrant neither praise nor validation. And yet, even so, there is seldom a description that fits its subject so perfectly as the word hero does Gareth Davies. Of course, so modest and humble is he, Gareth would never personally claim that title for his own. Instead he would most likely describe himself as just a regular man, trying to make his way through this crazy world with as little fuss as possible. But, like Perseus before him, it is Gareth’s deeds rather than his boasts that set him head and shoulders above the rest. A brave and noble warrior poet, a gifted raconteur, and with a private island full of supermodels who will sign sworn affidavits praising his love making skills, Larissa should consider herself extremely fortunate that such a man, such a wonderful wonderful man, has deemed her worthy enough to grace her with his presence. For he is Gareth Davies. Legend of the West. The people's champion. Podcast co-host.

Larissa Peixoto Gomes

Larissa has a PhD in Political Science from the Federal University of Minas Gerais (2019). You can find her professional accomplishments on her other website. Her family is thoroughly impressed that she found people to listen to her talk, when they've been trying to get her to shut up ever since she learnt to form full sentences.